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ZKE marketing is dedicated to bringing quality consumer products to the market for established manufacturers. With a warehouse conveniently located just minutes off I-5, the main north south corridor on the West Coast, ZKE marketing offers shortened delivery times to your distributors. Located halfway between the port of Oakland, CA, and the Port of Portland, OR, ZKE marketing’s ship program not only gets your products to your distributors quicker, we also save you on initial delivery costs. For our Manufacturers that are importing from Asia, and normally truck-freight their products east of the Mississippi, this represents a huge savings which more than pays for our service.

We blind ship all your products, so to your distributors it appears you have a second West Coast Warehouse. Our goal is to increase your service and make you, the manufacturer, look good to your customers. Call for details and structure pricing. We ship only master pack cartons, no direct to consumer drop-shipping.